Goals: Keep Them To Yourself

So here it is: you’ve got this great idea, a goal in mind and you couldn’t be more excited with the possibilities.  You’re writing notes to yourself, compiling all the bits and pieces that’s going to make up the master plan to give your idea the feet it needs to get moving.  What a great feeling, a slice of euphoria, the whole world sitting in the palm of your hand if only you apply a little squeeze…

And then you tell someone what your idea is, the wrong person, and they laugh, they smirk, maybe give you that sly look out of the corner of their eye as if to say, you’re kidding, right?And then you’re crestfallen.  Moping about what you thought was a great idea but someone else brought you back down to reality, because obviously you don’t really have what it takes to accomplish your goal, the world isn’t the place for your idea, this isn’t the time for you, blah blah.  Bullshit.

Firstly, if someone ever dumps on you after you open up about something you’re passionate about, you’ve learned to never talk to that person about your dreams again.  Not that your idea isn’t achievable, you’ve just been opening up to the wrong person.  If they laugh, it’s because they’re so sure of their own inability to accomplish their goals that they just can’t fathom anyone else achieving there’s.

Secondly, consider NOT telling anyone your goal.  I know that seems like a terrible idea.  What’s a great idea without that the passion that overflows from you as you describe it to the first friend you come across?  It looks like the initial rush of good feeling you get from explaining your goals to someone is almost as good to your brain as actually doing them.

And watch this great TED talk by Derek Sivers.

If you do want to share your goal with someone, I’d suggest only talking with members of your “team”.  Those special individuals who are more than just sounding boards but can actually contribute to your big idea or help spur the spark of creativity.  You’ll know the difference when you see it.

The only voice you should really listen to at the end of the day is that inner voice that’s pointing you in the right direction.

So ears open and go forth.

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