So, here we are.  But what is this?

A series of side posts on my own view of living simple from my personal blog,, has been growing and growing in my brain and it’s high time it had it’s own home on the internet so I can sleep at night.

I call it Just Live Simple because whenever I’m stuck at a crossroads, trying to decide between how I’m told I should live because that’s how it’s ALWAYS BEEN and how I feel might be a better way, that’s what I started telling myself. Just live simple, James. Just live simple.  So it could have easily been called “You’re broke, stupid”.

A bit about me:

I lived most of my life in Michigan (all over the state, not the U.P. though, I can’t understand the language) and moved to the Nashville, Tennessee area a few years ago chasing snowless highways, sunny skies, and wide open spaces and I found all that and more.

I’m a hopeless blogger. That is to say I think as long as the platform exists I think I’ll write and put my stuff out in the world because that’s just something I’ve always done. It’s cheaper than therapy, as they say. Sure, four people in the universe may read it, but as soon as you start doing anything to impress other people you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way and need to back up.  But I have no delusions of becoming the next ZenHabits.

Okay, a small delusion of becoming the next ZenHabits.  Dream big, people.

What are that things I most want to read and write about?  Anything that has me working less for other people, living more for experiences than numbers on an imaginary tally board somewhere, being healthier to enjoy my short time on this planet to the fullest, and learning lots about what captures my imagination.

For me that has meant:

  • Learning the path of a minimalist for one (I’ve sold, given away or donated about 2/3 of my stuff in the past few years).  
  • Discovering that I can return to the chain of healthy eating and living that our great-grandparents lived on that affects so much in our lives (cut as much processed food from my diet as I currently can and started my own organic gardening projects to grow my own food).  
  • And realizing that the American dream of a 30 year career in a stable job while paying off your 30 year mortgage for your giant house with the promise of a retirement account to take care of you in your elder years is a complete crock of shit.  On all levels.

I’m not an expert and never hope to be.  I’m a Learner and I’ll get better with the doing, just like we all will.  You can’t learn anything without messing something up first.  So here I go, about to mess some shit up.

So please say hi, I love to hear about the journey others are experiencing.  And don’t forget to subscribe up at the top.  C’mon, you know you wanna.

Let’s go.

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