Paying Off Student Loans and Thoughts of Spring

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for this winter to be OVER. Sure, a bowl of homemade soup or a cup of hot cocoa by the roaring fire while the wind howls outside is about as cozy as it gets, but I’m going a little stir crazy at this point. I’m not exactly burning a lot of calories these days either, I’m sure you know how that goes.

Soon, Spring will have sprung in Tennessee and my mind will start flooding with project ideas for the year. Planting this year’s vegetable garden experiment, trying to make some side money, and selling some photograph, plus others I haven’t even considered yet.
My long term goal for the year is to have paid off the remainder of my student loans by the start of 2015. Full disclosure, that’s about $40,000. This year. Yeah, you read that right. 
At the peak, I had a little over $55,000 of student loan debt, crazy as that is to say for an undergrad degree that I’m not even using, but there it is. Not exactly a rare story in America these days. But I’ve paid off $15,000 in student loan debt in the past eight months. Hell yeah. It’s possible if you really want it and you have to get rid of them.
I’ve made paying off my student loans in-full the main focus for the past year of my life and it was in part the reason I moved to Tennessee.  I wanted to be in a position where I was putting the majority of my income into getting rid of that gigantic life anchor, while minimizing my expenses to as little as possible. That way I will be free to do what I want without always worrying about making minimum payments that eat up a huge chunk of my future paychecks or could potentially come after me if I’m not make steady money and paying them back. I want to be free of them, forever. We all should be and we should never take them out ever again.
While I’m working a 9 to 5 to pay them off, I’ve got my mind on side business projects, mainly writing, blogging, and photography. There’s exploring to do, pictures to take, people to meet, and more simplicity to discover. I can’t wait.
What are your plans for progress this year? 

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