Stop Paying For Courses, It Won’t Make You An Expert

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…that was sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.

I gotta take a moment to rant about something here because it’s starting to drive me up the wall. E-Courses are the new in thing in the blogger world these days. Why write a book and sell it for a reasonable price when I can offer that same content to you over an eight-week period for five times the price?

This is what’s happening today and people will pay for it. This is how some bloggers are finding out you can turn a blog into a pretty steady revenue stream without having to continually create new content. Once you’ve got your audience numbers up high enough that is. This movement has struck me as kind of scammy. People who have had a blog for the span of a year are figuring out how to maximize their SEO then releasing “courses” to make you an expert in blogging or writing or SEO for hundreds of dollars.

It reminds me of those books they used to show on late night infomercials about how to place ads in newspapers to sell books that taught you how to sell books…through ads in newspapers. It’s like a pyramid scheme for the blogging age.

The difference between a book and a course is only that a course offers some perceived legitimacy. It’s the same reason people enroll for college classes they don’t want to take and don’t even attend, then panic and cram at the end for the final exam. Once you’ve completed a course, it’s like being told that you’re magically an expert. Now you can start broadcasting your proud EXPERT badge to the whole world and sleep more soundly at night.

Unfortunately, no piece of paper will make you an expert, no one has that power over your life, only you do.

If you want to become an expert in blogging or photography or paper-making, then you have to DO THE WORK. You have to read about it, watch other people do it, try to emulate them, fail, try again, fail better, learn your own style, then master it.

That’s how you become an expert. You have to put the work in. There is no short-cut. Taking an eight-week course in blogging or having a clutter-free home will not get you to the same place it took someone six months of firsthand experience to get to. I’m sorry, it just won’t, no matter what the person selling you their course is telling you.

I’ve bought other writer’s and blogger’s books/ebooks myself. Even if I know that a lot of the content is only mildly updated from their blog posts, because I want to support them for the value they have provided me. At some point, I’ll self-publish a Just Live Simple book, because I think I have a book in me and I think it would provide some value to other people. But I don’t think it will make anyone instantly an expert. And I won’t turn it into a course and hell, I probably won’t even set a price, I’ll just let people pay what they think it’s worth to them.

For a long time people have built paywalls around this promised land of expertdom once they’ve gotten there themselves. They’re the people who became experts after hard work and real experience and then started charging novices for their “fast track” courses. I’m thrilled/saddened to see the fallacy of the college degree’s promise of legitimacy has been pretty much shattered. People don’t want to see a degree on your resume anymore, they want to see some experience and who can fault them? A degree doesn’t mean anything other than you paid too damned much for what usually amounts to a reading list that you could have downloaded and done on your own time.

This is a good thing. It means that you can become an expert for a hell of a lot less than what we have been told it would cost. We live in an age where almost all of humanity’s collective knowledge is available 24/7 and for free for the most part.

We are just too lazy or scared to go find it for ourselves. We worry we’re not reading the right thing so we let someone else tell us what to read. Forget that. Read anything, then try it out, if it doesn’t work, move on to a different source. Your time and the money you’ve made with your work are finite resources and you need to spend them as wisely as you can.

I don’t think of myself as an expert of writing or blogging or photography, but I’ve been doing them for a while and I’ll be creating some lists, FREE LISTS, of free resources on the internet that will help you learn more about those subjects and become an expert…if you put the time in yourself.

You can do it, but no one else can do it for you.

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