Calling All Simple Living People

So, I’ve been writing about my own journey towards living more simply and intentionally in some form for a while now. Granted this version of a standalone blog has only been around since the start of 2014, but I’ve got big plans for it. I want to see who else is out there in the great gray yonder of network cables and wifi signals. I want to find the others.

Firstly, I would LOVE to connect with you. Anybody who’s reading the blog really, and there are quite a few of you.

If you live in some version of a tiny house, airstream, or other small living arrangement, I definitely want to connect. If you live on or are just starting an urban farm of some kind, milking your own goats, that kind of thing, hit me up. If you’re working for yourself, maybe a freelance writer, web developer who works from your Airstream, I’d love to chat. I’d really like to interview some people for the blog and feature you and your stuff. People are interested.

Secondly, if you’re in the Nashville area and you need a hand with your tiny house project, urban garden or small farm, drop me a line. I’m not a master carpenter, but I’ve built some steps that has held the weight of many human beings and I’m in my second year of a backyard vegetable garden that produces enough for the occasional mini-salad. I love working outside, but no one seems to ever be doing any projects. GIVE ME SOME PROJECTS.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend and enjoying some simple pleasures.


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