Journey to Debt-Free Living Update

This week I passed the $20,000 mark in paying my student loans off, meaning in the past 15 months I’ve paid the principal down a little over $20,000. Wowza.

It seems crazy to think about it. Crazy that I could pay that much off in that amount of time, crazy that I racked up that much to begin with for a field of study I wasn’t even planning on realistically pursuing as a career. But then again, that’s what people do these days, what we’re told to do. To invest in our future by trading the next 10 to 20 years of freedom to go into crippling debt for educations we aren’t really sure we want in the first place.

I’ve made lots of progress over the past year because I don’t want to live with this financial anchor for the next decade. But in order to do this I’ve had to eliminate my choices of living arrangements and career options and opted to live with family and stay in one particular job I don’t necessarily find fulfilling while paying this off.

It’s great to have the opportunity, I’ll grant you, and I am very thankful for being able to focus the majority of my income on paying off debt. But these are things that if you had told me I would need to do in order to live on campus and take courses that I didn’t get much out of, I’m pretty sure I would have made other choices.

Remember that if you’re thinking about your own education and leveraging your future freedom to pay for an education that has uncertain value in an age like this. I can’t think of more than a handful of four-year degrees that are worth the same or more than using four years to get an entry level position in the field you’re interested in and moving your way up while learning on the job or on your own time which you’ll have to do anyway. Better yet, save your money and make your own career, start your own business.

As far as my own journey towards the sweet, sweet land of debt-free living, I have a little over $35,000 of student loans to pay off. It’s a lot, but I can feel the progress I’m making now, I can see the finish line. I’m planning on paying this off over the next year and a half and I can’t wait. It’s all a lot of effort to get back to zero, but then I remember that most people in America never get even that far and I don’t feel so bad.

Here’s to hoping everyone out there is making progress in their own journey to living debt-free. I’d love to hear your stories so leave a comment or drop me a line via various social medias. I have like everything besides Friendster linked from this page so you can easily get a hold of me somehow.

4 Responses to “Journey to Debt-Free Living Update

  • I love reading stories like this. I just graduated myself and besides the relationships and personal growth, all school really offered me was debt. I learned more on my own time than in the classroom. But simplifying my life has inspired me to treat it like a challenge rather than a hopeless milestone. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading, Marissa. Good luck on your simplicity journey. Keep writing on your blog and keep us updated 🙂

  • Awesome progess! Yay! Thanks for sharing the insights on the "value" of a traditional college education. I completely agree.

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