That Time I Had To Learn To Walk Again

In 2008, a medical condition went from a mild inconvenience to a near death experience and left me learning how to walk again at the ripe old age of 28.
I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease earlier that year, a kind of HYPER hyperthyroidism. Thank you, doctor, that explains why my 6’0″ frame weighed as much as a postage stamp
Left untreated, hyperthyroidism can cause severe problems; heart problems, eye problems, brittle bones. The body tells itself to destroy itself slowly. Left untreated in combination with a bacterial infection such as pneumonia for instance, the body is in life-threatening danger and should seek immediate medical attention. Guess who got pneumonia after camping for a weekend in a cold, wet tent that summer? 10 points.
The coma lasted just under two weeks. The coma. Sometimes when you’re so ill that for your body to function at a normal level would kill you, so the doctors keep you in a medically-induced coma. Sometimes that still doesn’t do the trick and your heart stops beating and the doctors have to resucitate you. Twice. 
Sometimes you remember seeing strange things…
Then you wake up and find yourself in a new body. Except this one is weaker than the last and parts of it don’t work anymore. It only takes a few days of being bed-ridden for your leg muscles to atrophy. Just under two weeks is the amount of time it takes for them to atrophy to a point where two 20-year old hospital interns had to help me hold onto a walker and lift myself into to a standing position for as long as I could manage, about 20 seconds
I never thought I’d be 28 and having someone help me to ascend two brightly-colored plastic exercise steps to the awesome height of four inches. And I never thought I’d be thankful to have made that much progress. 
About two weeks after walking into the hospital I hobbled my way out of it. I walked like a penguin for months because my legs couldn’t take the pressure of a normal gait. I’ll tell you what, it beats lying on a hospital bed hooked up to fourteen tubes every day of the week and twice on sundays.
There are lots of days in life that something trivial and unimportant seems determined to frustrate me and there are lots of days I look down and see the normal way my legs move and think to myself, jackpot.

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