Summer Projects

It’s still summer, but we can sense the change coming, can’t we? A few more fallen leaves on your doorstep. The store shelves starting to fill up with orange everything. It won’t be long now.

We’re on the downhill side of Summer and what have you done? Like everyone, not as much as you wanted to do. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a few cool drinks and a warm bonfire or two. If not, there’s still some time.
More importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself for not completing all the projects. The year is twelve months long, not three. And so what if it takes you a little longer to read that book or go on that road trip? The tourist season is over-priced anyway.
This is the time of year is when I look to my summer projects and start beating myself up about not having finished this or that thing or never having started something at all. But time is not unlimited for anyone. What’s important is that I spent warm nights with loved ones and enjoyed my free time to the best of my ability. As for projects like the vegetable garden, it’s time for me to start pulling the overgrowth and thinking if I want to replant. I may, or I might put it aside until next year.
The big project I had hoped to finish by now is only about halfway done; writing and designing an ebook for Just Live Simple. But half done is better than never started and the work is moving faster as I go. It’s been a labor of love and I can’t wait to publish it and share my writing and photography with you all. For a preview, check out my Instagram, scattered throughout are images and sights that will reappear in Just Live Simple: the book.

Here’s a shot of my workspace and the book in progress:

I hope you all are enjoying the summer and the simple things and there’s one or two more barbecues in your immediate future.


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