A Life Without Expectations

How often do you look at your life, take stock, and regret or lament the things you haven’t done yet?

I’ve been thinking about where I am in life these days. Farther away from things I didn’t want to be around, closer to where I want to be. Some days I am overwhelmed with the frustrations of doing things that drain me like working jobs that suck the joy out of life while others I admire find ways to live through creative works or collaborations. 
I know I am getting closer to that idea, but sometimes it feels so far away it might be a mirage that fades the closer I get. Things don’t work out, set backs pop up, life happens.

I have to remind myself that there is no finish line. Our reality will never meet some of our high expectations and the lives we live will forever disappoint us if we let it.

Life is an ocean, you cannot control the wind or the current, your job is merely to sail across it the best you can.
There aren’t any direct routes and you are always being pushed off course. Spending our energy cursing the wind and the sea; natural forces without a will of their own, will never change them. 
You can only control your own ship and sail to the best of your ability.
You will get better over time, but there is no “perfect”, no “ideal”, no “according to plan”.
There is only the wind, the water, and you.

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