No One Is Going To Hire You, And That's Okay

No one is getting hired anymore it seems like. People are streaming out of colleges and finding that their expensive degrees don’t mean much of anything next to having some experience from the actual job they’re applying for.

It’s the age old dilemma on a global scale: How can I get experience in a field if I can’t get the job because I have no experience? People are finding out the only job they are qualified for is the one they already have. As soon as a potential employer sniffs that you may require an iota of training they throw in the towel and move on. Companies today complain about a mythical “skills gap” among the most overeducated population that has ever existed. They do this because they want you to pay to train yourself to do a job for them so they don’t have to. 

Repeat after me: There is NO skills gap. You are NOT undereducated. It’s not you, it’s them.

These days there are only two groups of people being hired. 
Group 1. Those who are vastly over-qualified for the job.

These are the imaginary people that companies seem to be looking for in their ridiculous job postings. Entry Level Position, must have 5 years of experience. 

Companies look for these people because they know someone will apply and they’re not going to train anyone. They pretend it’s because they think you’ll just leave the job too soon, but the truth is they can hold out for the Astrophysicists. 
The reason for this is that companies have spent the last 40 years firing everyone in sight and getting rid of every position that wasn’t what they deemed necessary. They’ve done this to boost their stock prices and make short term gains. Why? Because CEOs get paid in stock options now, instead of cash. The result is everyone is scrambling for the few remaining jobs that are left. 
No one is making their own jobs anymore, we ALL work for corporations now.
Group 2. People who will work for anything.
These are the never-ending list of jobs we see on Service job, service job, service job. $9 an hour, no benefits, bad hours, weekends. The same situation is occurring for group 2 that’s occurring for group 1, the people applying are over-qualified. These jobs are being filled by college graduates just trying to get by, hoping one day the job they actually studied for appears magically. But it won’t, that job is gone. Poof.
We’re putting thousands of people through college every year to study for jobs that haven’t existed since the 1970s. Yeah, it’s that bad.
So why should you be happy about this? It seems like a pretty crappy situation.
1. It’s going to save you about $50,000 to $100,000. How? Because you don’t have to go to college anymore. It’s a waste of money and time during the years you could spend figuring out what the hell you actually want to do. Not what job you want to do, what life you want to have. There’s a difference. 
2. You get to work for the only person you should really be answering to, you. How? Because you should be starting your own business. Whatever it is, whatever your thing, You,Inc. has a future, the rest of American business does not. The CEO’s are too busy flushing every job and community down the toilet to notice. Start mowing lawns out of high school, writing books, apprentice with anyone who will take you on to do something you find interesting. 
3. You won’t have to have to worry about securing a job with paid vacation time. People have to scramble and beg their bosses to take a couple of measly days off a year, meanwhile Americans take less vacation time than the rest of the world. We’re more productive than any other county in the solar system and they want you to crawl on your knees for a three-day weekend. When you work for your self you can choose your own schedule, you can outsource to still get the job done, not to mention you won’t absolutely need those handful of hours away from your soul-sucking job because you’ll be doing something you have a stake in. That feeling will be better than anything you’ve ever felt in a regular job.
Other benefits of not working for some faceless corporation:
– no commuting
– more time with your family
– no dress code
– no irritating co-workers
– no inept micro-managing bosses
The economy is in shambles because big business CEO’s took it over and convinced us all that there were no alternatives. There are, we need to opt out of a corporate slave lifestyle and go our own way again. Invest your time in building a better, more independent you, not being a faceless number on someone’s spreadsheet.
You can have a career, but you have to make your own, it doesn’t exist in corporate America. There you’re just a payroll expense
You can work a dumb service job that doesn’t stress you out that much and do your illustrations at night. Don’t get into debt. Don’t buy new cars. Stop buying giant televisions. If you don’t have to spend that much, you don’t have to make that much. And then you don’t have to make a panicked search through job postings every Monday morning because you loathe your job. 
Stop applying, start building your own escape hatch to your own life.

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2 Responses to “No One Is Going To Hire You, And That's Okay

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    I agree. But lets not kid ourselves here. This isn't just a phenomena happening on the corporate level. It's also happening in the blue collar world of tradesmen. And it's not just happening to college grads but, in a post 2008 crash climate, to people in their 50s whose skills are more likely to erode while waiting for a job opportunity. Back in the 60s, the gap between blue collar and white collar was much narrower. Pay for tradesmen has plummeted in the last 6 years. Even people with 5 years experience are out of luck because smaller construction/fabrication companies can afford to wait for the person with 20 years experience(because there are a LOT of them). I have 25 years experience as a welder/blacksmith and I was getting knocked out of the race by guys with 30 years experience.

    And then there is the new reality of the Temp Agency. Lets say I'm trying to get a job as a forklift driver. I have licenses to drive several different kinds of forklifts and loaders. I go to apply for a job at a company. Problem is, the company only does it's hiring from a temp agency that they're contracted with. Okay. You go to that temp agency to get the job but the temp agency has a contract with a different forklift certification company than you went to. You have to take all that training again with the temp agency's company and that can cost hundreds of dollars depending on how many different licenses you get. And given that various temp agencies are linked with different certification training companies, it's possible to have 20 years experience, be fully certified in every kind of forklift/loader and still not get the job because you don't have the cash to get the training that YOU ALREADY HAVE.

    The days of people walking in the door of a company, small or large, with nothing more than your wits, the desire to learn and your formidable ambition in the hopes of getting "on the job training" are, sadly, over. Doesn't matter if it's a small shop that employs 20 people or a conglomerate that employs 20,000. As for me, I'm currently putting together a co op of people with similar skills, joining forces with others in the same boat to form a company, pooling resources to purchase shop space so we can take jobs for ourselves or unite to take on bigger contracts that we couldn't get on our own. Meanwhile, I'm going back to college at age 52 to get a degree in a completely unrelated field with high demand in the medical field in the hopes of getting enough time in within the next 10 or 15 years to put enough money away for retirement so I'm not just getting buy on social security in some income fixed apartment somewhere. Because fuck that.

    • Dear Anonymous,

      Thank you for adding your perspective to the mix. The plight of those in the trade skills in this never-ending economic recession has largely been left out.

      I was actually a bit surprised by your own experience as from the reports I've heard on the radio and in the paper were that those in trade skills professions were fairing largely better than the rest of the workforce on the whole because so many people were told to go for the expensive four year degree over the past 20 years leaving a large gap of people with expertise such as yourself.

      From my perspective, on-the-whole, if we play the game by the rules that the corporations and big outfits put in place about what "certifications" are required this year or the next or how many decades of experience they tell everyone is necessary to do a job because they refuse to train anyone for one day, we're going to lose. That's why I wrote this post, I think people need to make a systematic change in thinking about what jobs are. A service you can perform rather than some time slot you can fill at a faceless company.

      It sounds like with the co-op you're forming, you're opting to stop jumping through ridiculous hoops and I very much would like to commend you. Awesome work. I wish you tons of success! Working for yourself is truly the only path to freedom I think.

      Thanks so much for the thought-provoking comment and thanks for reading! Good luck!

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