Spring Challenges

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Although so much of the U.S. has been frozen under sheets of ice (like we were in Nashville) or lots of snow (like you poor Northern souls), the first day of Spring is only three short weeks away, believe it or not.

I usually attribute the start of Spring as the real beginning of the year. New year’s day is just a notch on a calendar and doesn’t mean much if you ask me. When the weather breaks, the sky turns blue again, and the color green returns in full force, that’s the true beginning of the year for me.

It brings my mind to new beginnings, new projects, and new hopes.

This year, besides writing for Just Live Simple and conversing with all of you lovely people, I’ll working on my new passion project, Map & Compass. It’s a small business I’m starting by myself to do some simple web design, SquareSpace site setups, and photography for starters.

I’ve been wanting to do something like it for a long time and was telling myself I had to wait for someone else to hire me to do it full time. Well that’s nonsense, remember…start your side business.

As far as other projects for the year, my first and foremost is to continue to obliterate my abysmal student loans until they have been destroyed completely. Eliza Cross of the wonderful blog, Happy Simple Living, has issued a challenge in her latest post, Could You Pay Off Debt in 10 Months?

While with my current income level, it looks unlikely that I could pay off the rest of my loans in the next 10 months, if I work hard and stay focused, I should be able to cut them in HALF. Being this close to finishing them off completely is something I haven’t felt in a very long time.

I’ve had student loan debt, because of misinformation and bad decisions, for ALL of my adult life. A few years ago things finally came to a crossroads where to continue forward without eliminating all of the financial debt I had hanging over my head would impact the rest of my life and prevent me from living the life I truly wanted.

I’ve made so much progress, but here’s where things really start to turn the corner.

Check out Eliza’s challenge and remember you’ve got what it takes to put yourself on the path to a better, simpler life!

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  • Map & Compass is such a great business name, and I love your website design and photographs. I'll post a link to your site on my professional FB page, too. Wishing you much success.

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