3 Simple Ways to Destroy Debt

1. Stop Eating Out

Eating out, simply put, costs too much. It costs too much on your wallet and it costs too much on your health.

The “food” you’re chomping down from the drive-thru can barely be considered food, is almost certainly giving you heart disease, and all those chain restaurants are feeding you what basically amounts to overpriced tv dinners.

Go a grocery store. A real grocery store. Buy real food. You can tell real food because it will go bad before we all have flying cars.

Bonus points: grow some of your own food.

2. Swear Off The “Upgrade”

It used to be that every few years a new computer would come out, or a new kind of television, or a new operating system. The new model was so vastly improved over the predecessor that it almost confounded our idea of what was possible.

That was 30 years ago.

Now, a new version of every thing comes out about every 6 months, soon it will be every 3 months.

Are those new versions any better? Nah, but people will buy them, so they’ll keep putting them out. Software companies have discovered that it’s a lot of work to keep coming out with barely improved new versions so now they just charge a monthly fee to use their products. I’m looking at you, Adobe and Microsoft.

Stop upgrading for the sake of upgrading. If the people around you are really that impressed by the way you spend money, they’ll walk right off a financial cliff to impress others and drag you with them.

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3. Eliminate The Unnecessary 

“Eliminate” is too soft a word. DESTROY, SAVAGE, OBLITERATE.

Okay, maybe that’s too much. The point is, you are surrounded by things you do not use, need, want, or like. Yet you still have them. You clean them, maintain them, move them from place to place. For what? Because they used to mean something or you thought you’d need them. But they don’t and you won’t.

Example: see those plates on the top shelf of your cabinet that you only use on holidays and maybe not even then? Those plates will cost you thousands of dollars in your life and the hours required to earn them.

Here’s how:

  1. You refuse to get rid of those super special plates because one day you might need them. 
  2. To keep those plates around you’ll need extra cabinet space. 
  3. You’ll need a larger kitchen for those extra cabinets, a larger kitchen means a larger house.
  4. A bigger house comes with a bigger mortgage and a bigger mortgage means you’ll be working, working, working to pay for it instead of living, living, living your life. 

Be completely ruthless with your eliminating.

Extra plates, glasses, silverware, towels, socks, shirts, shoes, jackets, furniture…all of it sits quietly in closets, cabinets, and basements and secretly controls all the choices we have in our lives. It controls how much money you have to make to afford your life, which controls what kind of job you can do, which controls where you can live and how much of your life you’ll have to dedicate to a job to pay for your life.

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2 Responses to “3 Simple Ways to Destroy Debt

  • I really appreciate your thoughts about decluttering! I work on this constantly. One thing I'll add is to consider selling some of your unused stuff for cash and put the money towards debt or savings. Great article!

    • Aww thanks! I definitely thought about adding the selling of stuff to the list, but I was worried about making it too lengthy. You solved my problem! Thanks! May all your Chardonnay's be Buttery 😉

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