How to Make Seed Starters for Free

Spring has sprung and it couldn’t come soon enough for my taste. That means it’s time to get a head start on some gardening projects. The first task is getting some seeds an early start that I’ll be transplanting to my container garden in the coming weeks.

In the past, I’ve bought seed starter flats which usually work just fine, but this year I’m trying to be uber frugal so that every bit of extra money can be used to pay down my debt.

Seed starters are convenient, but you don’t have to pay for them. You’ve got plenty of household items that are destined for the recycling bin or sadly the landfill that are perfect for some cheap and easy seed starters.

Here are some items that I had just laying around:

  • a mailing tube
  • an orange juice container
  • a fruit container
  • a thoroughly-cleaned haircare product jar

I’m using a clear plastic tote as a way to easily move around my mismatched seed starters and keep any water from spilling inside my house.

Make sure to get your thumb ever so slightly in the picture…
The next step is to take a picture with your seed packets like they are your children or something. Done.
I cut the containers in halves where needed. Toilet paper and paper towel tubes would also make ideal seed starters, but you’ll probably want to recycle them after their done as they’ll start decomposing when you use them.
Since I didn’t want water leaking out of the mailing tube, I cut a gallon milk jug in half to hold them. A couple of milk jugs would easily hold a dozen or so seed starters made from toilet paper tubes.
I now have half a dozen seed starters that cost me nothing and I’ve barely even dented the recycle pile. 
Hope this helps get your spring garden off to an early and frugal start!

4 Responses to “How to Make Seed Starters for Free

  • Great idea! This is one of those…"why didn't I think of that moments?" So simple yet clever. I must also say I certainly like the detailed instructions: including the placement of my thumb in the photo ever so slightly and to take a photo with my seed packets. 🙂

  • What a neat usage for mailing tubes. I have two young kids that would totally get into a crafty project like this. My favorite part of all you mention is the idea of this being an inexpensive project that allows for the garden to have an early start. What a bonus.

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