The Definitive List of Tiny House Blogs

Here’s all the quality blogs I could find about building and living in tiny houses. I’ve tried to list blogs written by those actively living in their tiny homes and blogging about the experience. Some less active blogs may be listed if they present valuable insight and documentation of building and living in tiny houses. Others may have sold their tiny houses and moved on, their blogs are included if they are especially helpful.

If you know of blog that should be added to the list, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

Another Tiny House Story
– Jess and Dan, Rhode Island

Kenny and Esther’s Tiny House
– Kenny and Esther, New Mexico

Life in 120 Square Feet
– Laura and Matt, North Carolina

– Anita, Oregon

Little Yellow Door
– Ella, California

Long Story Short House
– Joe, Oklahoma

– Macy and James, Idaho

Music City Tiny House
– Sarah and John, Tennessee

Our Wee House
– Collin and Joanna, Ontario

Rowan’s Tiny Home
– Rowan, New York

– Tammy and Logan, California

Small House, Big Adventure
– Sarah, Virginia

Small Home Big Life
– Ben, Louisiana

This Is The Little Life
– Lina, Oregon

A Tiny Home Companion
– Chrissy, Georgia

Tiny House Family
– Berzins Family, Virginia

Tiny House, Giant Journey
– Jenna and Guilluame, All Over The Place

Tiny House Homestead
– Karin, Oklahoma

Tiny House of the South
– Amy and John, Georgia

Tiny House Ontario
– Laura, Ontario

Tiny House On The Prairie
– Kristie, Hawaii

Tiny Revolution
– Andrew and Crystal, North Carolina

The Tiny Tack House
– Chris and Malissa, Washington

Other Resource Sites:

Lloyd Kahn
– Lloyd is an amazing resource on small and green living.

Tiny Homes on Zillow

Tiny House Blog

Tiny House Design

5 Responses to “The Definitive List of Tiny House Blogs

  • Hi James. Thanks for adding our blog to your list of recommended blogs! When I saw it, it just made my day! I have been amazed at how well the blog seems to be traveling around the web. I wasn't sure that it would be viewed as much as it has been. We wanted to share our experiences and progress with as many people as we could, in hopes that it will encourage others to build their own as well. 🙂

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Highly recommend Tiny Nest. They have an excellent video series showing step by step instructions on how to build a tiny house.

    Their website is rudimentary, but their youtube video's are impressive.

  • Useful information and links.

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