Tiny Houses of Nashville

So, I forgot to mention something! A few months ago, I was able to check out some tiny houses right in my backyard here in Music City. I haven’t mentioned it before because, honestly, I wasn’t happy with how my pictures came out. It was dark, I didn’t have a very good camera with me, and it was hard to get good shots with the tiny houses full of interested people. I was pretty bummed about it. But, you gotta work with what you’ve got.

The open house was graciously hosted by Music City Tiny House, which operates primarily as an airbnb location as Nashville doesn’t not legally permit people to living in tiny houses. They have much better photos at their site and they blog about tiny house issues as well so go check them out

Also in attendance was Tiny House Giant Journey and it’s owners, traveling tiny house advocates, Jenna and Guillaume.
Jenna and Guillaume were super accommodating and very happy to answer any questions and let total strangers root around in all the nooks and crannies of their house, including letting this guy check out their sleeping loft. I think it takes a special kind of person with an amazing level of patience to do this kind of open house, thanks guys!

Also at the open house was Valley View Tiny House with one of their Shenandoah models. The Shenandoah had some nice features like built in speakers, a bay window bench that turns into a table, and an electric fireplace.

The tiny house life might not be for everyone, but I could see how it would be very appealing to those who wanted to live smaller, use less, and save money (in the long run). 
Thanks to all the tiny house builders and owners who opened their doors and bathrooms to the nosy looky-loos for an evening. 

4 Responses to “Tiny Houses of Nashville

  • I love tiny houses! I love watching Tiny Home Nation also. My house is 1200 square feet which is large compared to "real" tiny houses. But I like the idea of living in smaller spaces and having and needing less to do so. 🙂

  • Jealous! I would love to visit an event like this. What a shame that Nashville doesn't allow living in tiny houses! I hope more cities embrace allowing them.

    • You'll have to keep your eyes open for an open house going through town, there's more and more of them these days. I don't know of many cities outside of Portland that let you get away with it without being a little devious. I think people should focus less on trying to get a city to allow them to plop a tiny house in the middle of neighborhood with standard-sized homes and more on copying the trailer park model with tiny houses instead.

      Here's to hoping!

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