Storing Herbs and Memories of Mom

The herbs in our garden have been growing fast and healthy. Some so fast that it’s hard to keep up with them and use them for meals before they flower. We don’t want them to bolt and lose the taste, so Jacque and I are periodically trimming some and drying them for later use.

Drying and saving herbs is a simple enough task. Simply trim some stems or leaves in the case of leafy herbs. 
Give your herbs a wash and pat them dry. 
Once they’re dry, hang them up. You can use a clothes pin, binder clip, whatever you have at hand.
When the leaves crumble easily, it’s time to crush them up and store them. We’re going the simple route and using our hands, but a mortar and pestle would be useful here. But how often do you seriously need one of those?

Now how to store them? I have something special to keep our herbs in. My mother passed away about seven years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long) and one of the things I kept of hers was a handful of small apothecary jars she used to hold the herbs she grew herself.

I used to think her herbs were kind of odd because they weren’t the uniformly pulverized kind you get from the supermarket. But now I understand. And I’m so glad I kept these jars. They’re a beautiful memento of gardens passed and my mom too. I think she would love that I picked up where she left off. 
Thanks mom.

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