Thoughts of Summer

The summer is winding down now. Fall is in the air and leaves are on the ground and we are on the long descent into the cold time of the year. My summer seemed to sadly fly by too quickly with my work schedule keeping me either busy or tired. We were able to take a much needed trip in June to the Great Smoky Mountains, a trip that was all too short for our taste. We will be needing to go back…and soon.Bucket gardening was largely a successful and fun endeavor for me this year. I discovered the much needed ability to have some kind of irrigation tube system hooked up to prevent drying out. The buckets were great for giving ample room for the plants to stretch out in and maintain a nice, warm temperature, but moisture is another matter. They required a lot of regular watering, especially with this summer being pretty dry in Tennessee.Next summer, I’m not sure where we’ll be or if I’ll have the opportunity to garden much. I don’t necessarily know if this is a bad thing. There is something tremendously satisfying about seeing your seedlings grow plentiful and vibrant and something so disheartening when you see the past few months of work turn into shriveled, rotten vegetables that serve better as insect motels then dinner. I’m always looking forward to new projects though.One of the gardening attempts I made this summer was to plant random sunflower seeds. I planted them all around my work, in unused garden beds, and up and down our driveway. I wanted to see random bits of life and the engrossing power of sunflowers as conversation starters. Out of the many, many seeds I planted by hand, all the ones around my work were destroyed by landscapers, and all of the ones at home were eaten by rabbits or failed to germinate. I felt totally let down. Then one day I noticed a single, solitary stem shooting up with the promise of flower at it’s end. It grew into a small, but happy little sunflower and brightened our mornings. Even after all those failures, the one success was enough to wipe the slate clean. There’s a lesson in there I suppose.Of course it would have been more satisfying if the neighbor’s landscaper hadn’t weed-whacked the sunflower when they thought it was a weed. There’s ALSO a lesson in that, I suppose. But damned if I know what it is.

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  • James, it's great to see a post from you again! Summer always flies by! Bucket gardens are good but do require lots of watering. I had some tomatoes growing in buckets they did well and we got too much rain in June and most of July then all of a sudden no rain and I didn't water as much. My tomatoes got blossom end rot….what a drag! So if I plant more buckets next year, I will have to figure out some kind of irrigation system too. Keep writing! It's great to see you post again! Peace and blessings!

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