Seasons Bleatings

Are you pulling your hair yet? Spent all of this month and next month’s paychecks on doo-dads and thingamabobs for your loved ones? If you have, I won’t condemn you. I haven’t exactly been
whittling homemade gifts for all my loved ones. I peruse the digital aisles of Amazon as well. These days I tend to look for some small, meaningful gifts rather than the shotgun approach of a bunch of cheap, no-name doorbuster waffle irons. How about you?

A couple of quick updates:
1. I’ve changed the mailing list over to Feedburner so if you signed up previously, you’ll just need to enter your email in the new field in the upper right to stay current. This new version will email you new posts as they are submitted. Takes a lot less time on my part. The old list was purged so you won’t be getting double emails either.

2. The Just Live Simple book has been updated with new professional formatting and a newly designed cover is on the way as well. I finally had to admit to myself that I am not a cover designer or a very good ebook formater for that matter either. If you’ve already bought the Kindle book, check out the new format and tell me what you think. Maybe even leave a review? You don’t have to. BUT YOU HAVE TO.

3. Gots a fancy new logo. You like? My good friend Dan created it for me. He does all kinds of fantastic graphic design and I highly recommend him if you’re looking to get a project off the ground. Check him out!

What have I been up to? I’ve been having a ball selling off more clutter like a mad man. I’ve probably sold off over a hundred pounds of books and nick knacks in the past couple of months. A couple of years ago, I had an entire room dedicated to books. Now I get my fix from my library’s digital lending program and ebooks.

I will always spend hard-earned dollars on books, but getting them in ebook form ensures that I’ll always have a book close at hand and I’ll never again spend days of my life boxing them up and throwing out my back moving them from place to place.

This habit of getting rid of things and selling off the clutter, it’s massively addictive. Be forewarned. You may start to spend many waking hours looking around your home and wondering why you keep that old thing or this old thing. And let me tell you what, there ain’t much that people aren’t looking for on eBay.

My advice to you: do a pre-Christmas purge of stuff. You’ll be getting some new stuff for the holidays, we can pretty much agree, so get a head start on Spring Cleaning and take a load to the donation bin or sell some thingamabobs on eBay or books on Half. Your closets will thank you.

Talk to you all soon.

4 Responses to “Seasons Bleatings

  • Hi James. Just yesterday, I went through my house once again, getting rid of crap. Paired down my Christmas decor and knick knacks! I don't recreational shop but had gotten into the habit of going to thrift shops for something to do. I love vintage stuff! But my new "rule" is not to go to thrift shops to look around. To only go if I really really need something. So I'm keeping busy pairing down, being mindful of what I need and don't need, spending minimal money on Christmas gifts and remembering what really makes me happy. Things like making art, writing poetry, visiting friends, singing, reading and riding my bicycle. I wish you a very beautiful holiday season James. Keep on keepin' on. Peace and blessings!

    • Hey Kelly! I confess I love vintage stuff myself. I actually really got to enjoy getting rid of massive amounts of tacky new stuff and putting in one really tasteful vintage item. Vintage pop crates in particular are one of my loves. They pop up in some of the pictures here, but I should take some new ones. I love all the things you spend time on, you got it figured out 😉 I wish you the best holiday seasons too! All my best!

  • You know it's funny, the one thing I am finding it hard to part with are actual paperback books. I'm all about trying to live with less stuff too, but I keep imagining the library room in my house some day, full of great books. Digital books just don't keep the same value for me. Hopefully as I get better at this simplicity thing I'll evolve a little more 🙂

    I tried designing my own logo before, with mixed results, didnt see the old one but new one looks good!

    • Ha! I imagined that library room for a long time too! Then I had to move all those books across the country and pay for the big u-haul to do it. My back and my wallet are thankful for the downsizing. But to each their own! Physical book lovers vs. digital book lovers is a debate I doubt we'll be getting to the end of anytime soon. Glad you like the logo!

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