And the Holidays are over…

You made it!
The trifecta of end-of-year holidays is over. Hopefully you didn’t eat, spend, or drink as much as you were worried about doing. Yeah, right.
Every year I tell myself I’m going to let the hustle and bustle of the holidays pass me by without changing too much of my daily routine and budget. And every year, it’s pretty hard to keep that promise, but I think we did pretty good at our house about being frugal and enjoying time with family above all else.
The year is fresh and full of possibility. What will you accomplish in 2016? Less than you’re expecting? More than you think? Yes and yes. 
The lady and I, plus Poe the cat, are looking forward to moving. Our time in Nashville has been fun, interesting, and eye-opening, but we’re ready to settle down a bit in a smaller city that’s more our speed. That’s a work-in-progress.
We’ve both got creative projects in the works that involve lots of writing, writing, writing for both of us. I’m working on a graphic novel project with an uber-talented, long time friend of mine, Trevor Denham, while Jacque is working on publishing her first book based on her long-running, critically-acclaimed blog dedicated to vintage romance comics, Sequential Crush.
I’ve also got new posts in the making for Just Live Simple. Moving to a new city and starting a new kind of life can be daunting and I’m looking forward to sharing the journey.
Here’s to hoping your holiday hangover is short-lived and your list of new year possibilities is long.

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