The Just Live Simple book is out now on Kindle and PDF!

It’s called Just Live Simple: 30 Ways to Live with Less and Have More.

Debt, dead-end corporate jobs, and constant media consumption fill our days. We feel empty so we buy more to feel happier, if for a moment, and start the cycle over again.

In Just Live Simple, I discuss thirty ways that worked for me after illness and overwhelming debt and can help you to live a more simple and fulfilling life without resorting to the same old habits that are bankrupting a whole generation financially and emotionally.

Chapters include:

  1. Don’t Owe Money To Anyone
  2. Find The Others
  3. Your Two Week Wardrobe
  4. Wake Up Earlier
  5. Empty Your Drawers
  6. Eat Fresh For One Week
  7. Cut The Subscriptions
  8. Give Experiences
  9. Go Digital
  10. Grow Your Own Food
  11. Quit School
  12. Give It Away
  13. Turn It Off For An Hour
  14. Start It
  15. Dump Old Hobbies
  16. The End Of Goals
  17. Get Rid Of Your Library
  18. The Side Hustle
  19. Stop One Bad Habit
  20. Teach Someone
  21. Don’t Buy A House
  22. Finish It
  23. Consume Less “Reality”
  24. Be Grateful For Failure
  25. Leave Debate Alone
  26. Let Go Of Guilt
  27. Know You’ll Survive
  28. Write It Down
  29. The One Year Rule
  30. Live Simple, Your Way

It’s time to get rid of the excess and to start looking for the essential. It’s time to Just Live Simple.