Looking for more simple goodness? 

Here are some other great blogs run by some really great people. Check’em out.

Simple Living:

Be More With Less – Courtney Carver‘s Be More With Less is one of the top blogs on minimalism out there today. Her latest publication is How to Create a Meaningful Morning Routine.

Happy Simple Living – Author Eliza Cross writes about her family’s path of simple and green living, not to mention some mouth-watering recipes. I especially enjoy her posts on eliminating the stress and clutter of holidays.

Live Simple Now – Aimee Hodges writes about decluttering, minimalism, and her simple living journey. Check out her article featured on TinyBuddha!

Minimal Millennial – Emily Torres writes from a millennial’s perspective on minimalism and positivity.

Miss Minimalist – Featuring posts from a large range of people living minimalist lifestyles. Blog creator Francine Jay also wrote The Joy of Less, a Minimalist Living Guide.

The Other Side of Complexity – Mike Burns writes about about living well and focusing on what’s important. His book, Simpler, is one of the top reads in the simplicity sphere.

Small Home Living:

Am’s Tin Can – Amber lives, blogs, and crafts in your Airstream all year round.

Tiny House UK – Mark Burton is the builder/designer behind Tiny House UK. Mark has recently been featured on BBC’s The One Show and Channel 4’s The Gadget Man.


And Then We Saved – Anna Newell Jones got out of debt and wants to spread the love about how you can too.

Man vs. Debt – One of the original and best blogs about getting out of debit. Started by Adam Baker, now run by other people. Which is kind of strange. But the blog is still good.